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Memorial Supplies


What should I do if my pet passes away on Sunday and the office is closed?
We recommend wrapping your pet in a blanket and placing them in a cool space and then bring your pet to us first thing Monday morning when we open at 8:00.

Do you offer funeral officiants?
No but you are welcome to bring your own and we are open for you to do as much or as little for a funeral, we will accommodate your needs as best as possible.

What is your pricing?
Pricing depends on a number of factors; size of your pet and the type of service (burial only, cremation only, or burial and cremation services).

What type of payment do you take? Do you accept credit cards?
for cremations we ask for cash and for all other services and products we accept cash and major credit cards.

Where is the entrance for your parking lot?
We are located on the corner of Figueroa and Victoria. Our parking lot is accessible from Victoria street.

Is there any chance that you'll move or relocate and if so what happens to my pet?
We are a dedicated piece of property that will forever be a cemetery. Rest assured, your pet will be here forever. Income from the endowment care fund is used to provide regular care and maintenance at the cemetery. Regular care and maintenance activities can include: cutting grass, regrading of graves, planting and caring for trees, maintenance of water supply systems, roads, drainage, etc. to ensure that the property is maintained forever.

How do I know that the ashes I receive are my pet's ashes?
We adhere to a strict process of tagging and cremating one at a time so your pet's ashes will be rightfully returned to you.