CALL SERVICE: This service offered to Pet owners when the time of need occurs is our personal call service for your pet. A kind, considerate and understanding representative will be there to assist in all final arrangements. A phone call to us is all that is needed. Your pet will be kept under controlled refrigeration before burial and will be groomed for repose, and viewing in our slumber room.

PRE-NEED INTERMENT PLAN: Our pre-need plan is designed for Pet owners who wish to make a selection of a grave space before the loss of their Pet. We also have tier or companion burials.

CREMATION: We find many Pet owners desire on request that their Pet be cremated and we have the finest crematory available for this service. Each Pet is cremated individually and the remains returned to the owner or may be interred here in the cemetery. We also have cedar chests and many urns for anyone desiring the remains to be placed in this type of container. Cremains may be scattered in the Memory Garden at no cost.

MARKERS and BORDERS: Samples are on display in our office to choose the type you prefer. All markers are Granite and only the flush type are allowed. We have several color choices available to you. Custom made granite borders and granite and cement slabs are also available.

BURIALS: For those who care to pay a final tribute to a faithful pet, we offer water-proof caskets, as well as satin lined wooden caskets. Only the very best quality of materials are used.

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Products can be purchased directly from Pet Haven Cemetery and Crematory